Treehouses & Accomodation

Perched in the majestic island trees, sit our handcrafted private treehouses. Each come with a queen size bed and mosquito net, and the most stunning ocean views imaginable. Here, the lapping of the sea, the light island breezes and the jungle’s symphony ease into a perfect sleep, and greet you in the morning.

Large Beachfront Houses

Rate: $35 per night
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Small Beachfront Houses

Rate: $25 per night
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Dorms & Hammocks

To sleep in true jungle fashion, you can try one of our hammocks, each of which come with a built-in mosquito net, and lie underneath a thatched-roof shelter... perfect for keeping out the hot morning sun, and the island rain.

Hammocks are $4 per night
Dorms are $6 per night
Bring your own hammock or tent for $3 per night charge

Traveling with a group of friends, or looking to meet new ones? Our brand new dorms can house up to ten people. With one of the best views on the island, each bed comes with a comfy mattress, pillows and a mosquito net.

Our hammock dorm is nestled in a pretty round jungle clearing, just a stone's throw from the sea front. Each hammock comes equipped with a mosquito net, so you can enjoy a comfortable night's sleep.

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Executive Suite

This treehouse has a private toilet.

Rate: $40 per night
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Please contact us for low-season prices.

Prices are subject to change during peak season and on holidays.
Pick up from Banana Beach Bungalows on Otres 2 at 11:30AM to Koh Ta Kiev via longtail boat is $15 round-trip.